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Random Thoughts: Becoming What You Believe

Belief cannot come from your ego self, it must come from your heart calling. ~Oprah Winfrey I am sitting watching Oprah’s Lifeclass and Oprah is talking about evolving into who you are meant to be and my mind is just wondering.  I am doing many things I love in my life but I am continuously feeling … Continue reading

Listen and React Appropriately

I was listening to a popular preacher’s sermon today. He was speaking about how God places obstacles in our path to help us grow. He gave an example of waiting for his wife to get dressed when they are going out. He said she will always say, “I’m Ready,” but never really is. He said … Continue reading

Life is Good, Stop Complaining

Today when I woke up for work my stomach decided that I should stay at home today. Of course I listened and throughout the day I had time to reflect on life. A lot of us are constantly complaining about what is going on in our life. It isn’t until you see something horrible happen … Continue reading