Posted in November 2011

My Month of I Am – Day Five

“I AM PREPARED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE LIFE GOD HAS DESIGNED ME FOR!” I have had the unique opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge in a lot of areas.  Somehow I feel like I allowed myself to be removed from my path in my career and personal life. Over the years in my … Continue reading

My Month of I Am – Day Four

“I AM GRATEFUL!” I am grateful for all the blessing I’ve received thus far and the blessing I will receive in the future.  God has done awesome things in my life and I know uncountable blessings are forthcoming.  When I look at my life and begin to count all the things that I am grateful … Continue reading

My Month of I Am – Day Three

“I AM AWESOME!” That’s all that needs to be said, there is no explanation needed for this one.  Ask about me! 😉 “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” ~Proverbs 16:9

My Month of I Am – Day Two

It’s day two of my month of I Am.  Today’s I Am is: “I AM AN OVER ACHIEVER!” This mean I love to learn new things, I love to achieve goals, I especially love to complete tasks that people say I cannot do.  I don’t only complete tasks, I make sure they are thoroughly done! … Continue reading

Why Wouldn’t You Choose Happiness?

I was recently watching the Housewives of someplace and they were confronting this woman about her husband abusing her and the fact that she expected them to be around him as if they knew nothing.  How can you be a fan of someone that you know is consistently abusing someone you love?  It made me … Continue reading

Back To Me

Sometime last week it hit me like a mack truck, I’ve lost me in my “growth process”.  Over the last few years I’ve focused so much on being a mother, growing at work, focusing on things that I didn’t agree with in others (and trying to make sure I wasn’t doing those same things) that … Continue reading