Posted in April 2011

Life is Good, Stop Complaining

Today when I woke up for work my stomach decided that I should stay at home today. Of course I listened and throughout the day I had time to reflect on life. A lot of us are constantly complaining about what is going on in our life. It isn’t until you see something horrible happen … Continue reading


Some people have all the luck?  Is that a true statement? Do you believe in karma, you know the belief that whatever you do comes back to you?  I used to think karma was just something people made up, but after looking back on some things and people in my life I think it may … Continue reading

Dumb is Offensive

I was sitting back thinking about some recent events and things happening around me and it something hit me, like that ACME anvil on the cartoon………“Dumb is Offensive!”  Ok so I know this may sound harsh, but let me take you on my journey so you can understand how I got to the revelation.  I … Continue reading

Alpha Female

Last week someone told me that I am an “Alpha Female.” My initial reaction was….WTH what does that mean?  I guess they didn’t know how to take that so they responded by saying I’m not trying to start anything that just what “they” say. First LOL at “I’m not trying to start anything!”  So I … Continue reading

Chick-fil-A Gave Me a Piece of Heaven Today!

OMG!!! Today for lunch me and the girls decided to go to Chick-fil-A.  I ordered a Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo and decided to try a Banana Pudding Milkshake.  Wow the sandwich was great as usual but the milkshake took me to an entire different level.  I normally  isn’t don’t get this excited over food, especially … Continue reading

Just Say no to IE 9

Ok before I begin, this is probably a blog entry only for my techies. But here I go.  Have you seen all the advertisements to install the new improved IE 9 (Internet Explorer 9)?  We I have seen several and they talk about how it is so improved and better than IE 8. IE 9 … Continue reading